Preserve your cherished analogue memories for the future – transform photos, negatives, slides, and videos into digital treasures.

Every photo, every slide, every strip of film holds a unique story. At the "Blue Leather Sofa," I help you preserve these narratives and transition them into the digital era. With my years of experience and passion for photography and history, I ensure professional digitization of your media, making your precious memories easily accessible, shareable, and eternally lasting.

I dedicate myself wholeheartedly to the process of digitizing analogue media, aiming to make it as comprehensive and high-quality as possible. Whether it involves prints and documents up to A4 size, negatives in small and medium format, slides with plastic frames, or films from devices with Cinch or SCART connections, each piece is treated with utmost care. Larger formats up to A0 can be digitized through professional reprography.

Dust, scratches, and discolorations can mar the appearance of your treasured media. That's why my process includes meticulous digital correction of these imperfections to bring out the best in your memories, making them shine as brilliantly as on their first day.

Digitizing your analogue memories opens up countless possibilities. Share them online with friends and family, incorporate them into digital photo books and presentations, or display them on modern digital screens. The world of your memories is in your hands.

Discretion and security are important to me. Each project is handled with the care and respect your memories deserve. All digitizations take place directly in my studio under my personal supervision.

Digitalization is more than just a technical process. It's about preserving stories for future generations and connecting the past with the future. This mission is my passion and drives me in my craft.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each project is unique, so the duration of the digitization process varies. It depends on the quantity and condition of the media. Rest assured, I dedicate the necessary time and care to every project to ensure the best possible quality. For me, quality and customer satisfaction always come first.

I provide the digitized media on the medium of your choice, be it on a DVD, USB stick, or via a secure download link. You decide what's most convenient for you. I always prioritize data security and integrity.

Your original media are safe with me. After digitization, they are carefully stored and returned to you along with your digitized copies. Each piece is treated with due care as if it were my own.

Even if your media is damaged, I can often still work on it. With my experienced eye and ability to find solutions in seemingly hopeless cases, I always strive to achieve an optimal result. I am your reliable partner in all matters of media restoration and digitization.

Absolutely, I have successfully completed numerous extensive projects. Whether it's a small box full of old photos or an entire garage of memories, I am ready to take on the challenge and transition your analogue treasures into the digital era.
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