Wedding Photography

For most people this is the most important day of their lives. Or the most important days. I would love to accompany all important moments of your wedding.

As individual as every wedding is, so are your memories. No matter if photos or videos created by me and my assistant, a photo box for all of your guests, timelapse or other special photos. I fulfill all your wishes and are available to you the whole time.

Of course I will catch all facets of this unique experience, including all guests and moments. So you can always look back easily on this special time.

Including countless group photos and a personal couple photo shoot as well, if you like. With image processing and editing of course.

Just write me and tell me about your upcoming wedding, and soon we will have incredible memories of every part of your wedding. I am looking forward to you!

Event Photography

I have coutless years of experience with events of any kind, which I could capture by photo and video.

Many concerts, festivals and band photos, school proms, Abibälle, awards, company events, ... With my full engagement I am active the whole event and capture all important moments and guests. So you can always look back on this unique event with beautiful photos. I also love to combine this with videos as well, if you like to.

All photos can be seen on a personal website after the event. They will also be shared with you in high resolution. High quality prints are possible as well.


You have probably already seen a photo box, the classic for any kind of event, especially weddings. A special photo corner for special selfies.

Here your guests can take selfies with a simple button. Thanks to professional equipment the photo box creates high quality selfies and group photos which can be seen on the display afterwards. Just add a box of accessoires and props and the fun can start!

I love to bring the photo box to events or special occasions as an additional highlight. It only needs some space and power.

After the event the photos will be processed and put online, if you want to.


Capture the present on a special and classic way with beautiful and high quality portraits of yourself or your loved ones. Single portraits, biometric ID photos, application photos, friendship photos, family photos, partner photos, there are countless kinds of portraits which area all important, because they all capture the present in a concise way.

My favorite are on-location portraits on a suiting location, but also classic ones in my studio or at your place.


Create an interactive insight to your place with 360° panoramas. Businesses, stores and bigger places of any kind, which want to show their atmosphere interactively.

The panoramas can easily be embedded in any kind of website, like this one. Or be integrated in your online presence, like Google Maps. Interactive tours are possible as well, to show all facets of your place.

School Photography

Class and group photos, single portraits, friendship photos, photos of colleagues, school photos of any kind and more. For schools, students and their families I provide a full service. Simply select and order photos online, all photos digitally for the school archive and with only a bit of effort huge and unique memories for everybody.

That all, of course also with individual wishes, to a very fair price and including relentless engagement - for you and your school.


The digitalization of media is very important to me, because the future is digital. Started with photos and videos of my own grandparents I now digitalized countless memories of the past of many people.

Pictures get older, also negatives and dias. Nowadays, you can digitalize media in a very good quality, so it makes sense to digitalize the memories of your own ancestors or of yourself. And you can easily correct dust, scratches and stains digitally.

Right now I can digitalize these formats: Prints and documents up to DIN A4, via repro photography up to DIN A0. Full and medium frame negatives, dias with plastic frame. Regarding videos VHS and any kind of device with Cinch- or SCART-Output, if you have an old camcorder for example.

photo_camera It's time for awesome memories!

You're interested in new photos? Or have an upcoming event which should be captured? Simply write me an email, chat message or call me and we talk about everything in detail. I'm looking forward to it!

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I still have some free days left for weddings and similar big events in the next few months. Write me today and catch wonderful memories on this big day with me, your partner for unique photos.

Regarding business photography, portraits and similar I got more appointments left, also spontaneously, so feel free to contact me.