About me — Sven Reifschneider


Gude! I'm a young and passionate photographer living in the heart of Hesse.

My passion for photography and many other creative topics started very early. As an elementary school kid I learned to handle a SLR camera and created countless photos since then.

Over the years a lot of knowledge and experience was gained. Especially regarding portraits, events and weddings, since the beginning of blaues Ledersofa. Started as a semi professional side business, but soon after fully professional.

Since now over 10 years I'm active as a professional photographer and I'm happy and fulfilled like on the first day, when I can capture moments with my creativity and own perspective for eternity.

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Wedding photography

Unique memories of the most important day in your lives - i love to capture them in form of photos and videos and accompany you the whole day and at every event. Of course with a wedding photo shoot or a photo box as well.

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Event photography

No matter if concert or festival, business event, jubilees, big birthdays, enrollments, parties or different events - I capture everything important. Highlights on stage, the atmosphere itself or the guests, memories of everything and everyone are guaranteed.

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Photo box

Very popular on any kind of event - a photo box which I always love to bring with me. All guests can easily take selfies here, all you need is to press a button. Also for smaller events and birthdays a great and unique idea.

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The classic - beautiful and unique photos of yourself, partner photos, family, friendship or group photos, special moments of your children, ... I love to create portraits, especially outside on-location. Or very classical in my studio.

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I create 360° panoramas with a special camera. They can be watched one by one, or as a virtual tour in the internet. They can also be easily embedded on a website or be added to social media or Google Maps.

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School photography

Everybody knows them, the classic school photos. Single portraits, class photos, group photos and more.

I provide photography tailored to your school. If you want, including friendship photos and special activities, like a photo box for all students.

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Digitalization & more

Besides that I offer even more, like high quality digitalization of old memories (e.g. negatives, dias, prints, VHS, ...). You can find all my services on the portfolio.

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photo_camera It's time for awesome memories!

You're interested in new photos? Or have an upcoming event which should be captured? Simply write me an email, chat message or call me and we talk about everything in detail. I'm looking forward to it!

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I still have some free days left for weddings and similar big events in the next few months. Write me today and catch wonderful memories on this big day with me, your partner for unique photos.

Regarding business photography, portraits and similar I got more appointments left, also spontaneously, so feel free to contact me.