Create memories that last a lifetime - charming group pictures, vibrant individual portraits, and emotional captures of school events.

The school years are unforgettable times, filled with camaraderie, learning, and growth. My passion lies in encapsulating these precious moments in pictures - authentic, emotional, and professional. With over a decade's experience in school photography, I ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for students and faculty.

From heartwarming group photos to individual portraits to dynamic images of school events - I capture the uniqueness of each student and the spirit of the school community. As an expert in school photography, I am your reliable partner, whether it's an elementary school or high school.

Each photo shoot is tailored specifically to your school. I bring along everything needed for successful photos, using my experienced eye and professional equipment to create authentic and vibrant images. My extensive pedagogical experience helps me to adapt to each student individually and create a relaxed atmosphere in which everyone feels comfortable.

After the shoot, I provide professional post-processing of the images and make them available in a secure online gallery. From there, parents or students can easily order the images. I take the work off the school's hands, ensuring an uncomplicated process.

I firmly believe that school photos should be more than just pictures. They are memories, constantly reminding us of these special times. Therefore, it's important for me to create a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere during the shooting where each student can truly be themselves.

In addition, I also offer special services, such as the creation of staff photos, school-wide pictures, and panoramic shots of the schoolyard. I'm also delighted to share my passion and knowledge in photography clubs or art courses. And of course, popular friendship photos during breaks or the use of my photo booth should not be missed.

Frequently Asked Questions

The duration of the shoot depends on the size of the student group and the specific requests of your school. A photo shoot should be fun and not stressful, so I plan ample time to cater to each student. Generally, for a class, we should schedule a lesson (45 minutes).

The finished, lovingly edited pictures are made available in a secure online gallery. From there, parents or students can simply and conveniently order and pay for their photos. And of course, as a little thank you, the school receives some prints free of charge.

Absolutely, I provide all images digitally to the school. They can be used for the school website, the yearbook, or other purposes. And of course, parents and students also have the option to purchase their images as digital files.

Yes, I am more than happy to capture the special moments at school events such as school enrollment and graduation ceremonies. My photo booth is also a big hit on such occasions and provides a lot of fun.

The school incurs no costs for the photo shoot. My earnings are generated through the sale of pictures to parents and students. As a small thank you, the school receives some prints free of charge, as well as the complete digital archive for their own archiving, yearbooks, and similar. This way, your school not only receives valuable memories, but also a smooth process and a wonderful atmosphere during the shooting.

Yes, my work covers not just schools like high schools and elementary schools, but also kindergartens and daycare centers. I look forward to capturing the lively moments and innocent joy of the little ones and preserving them in beautiful pictures. This can be done while they are playing or outdoors.

With my years of experience dealing with children and young people of all age groups, I understand how to create a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. I take time for each child and ensure that they feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera.

I know how much everyone looks forward to the pictures. Therefore, it is my goal to edit and deliver the photos as quickly as possible, without compromising on quality. Normally, you receive the images within 3-6 weeks after the photo appointment.

Of course, class photos are an important part of school memories. I ensure that each class photo is individual and unique, reflecting the special dynamics and team spirit of each class, and making sure everyone looks great.

If you want to book me for your school or daycare center, simply contact me. We'll then discuss all the details like the desired timing, special requirements, and expectations, and answer any open questions. Preferably during a personal meeting at your school. I look forward to getting to know you and capturing unforgettable moments.
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